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Make Internet-of-Things easy through services from Ambiductor

AmbiSolution Connect

Streamline installation into a much simpler process with the help of an installation app. The app is the only one on the market that combines meter installation with Internet-of-Things in offline mode.

With the app, the status of the meter changes from stock to installed with all the information needed for an easy follow-up within IoT.

Thanks to the app, sensors do not cost traffic fees before they are installed.

The goal is to have support for all Swedish IoT operators within both LoRaWAN and NB-IoT.

Some areas of use

  • Plan and carry out meter changes
  • Geolocate and add tags to sensors
  • Examine and troubleshoot gauges
  • Uninstall and retire meters after sitting out
  • Manage RMAs

Why AmbiSolution Connect

There is no comparable service. Other installer apps lack this functionality.

Do you have to have MDM (metering data software) from AmbiSolution?

AmbiSolution Connect is a standalone app. It works regardless of IoT platform or MDM system.

However, the app only supports sensors from Ambiductor and selected vendors. This is because it requires connection to Ambiductor's meter register.

Selected cooperation partners

The software has been developed in consultation with the operators Netmore, Stadshubbsalliansen, Servanet, Kurbit, Telia, Tele2 and Telenor.

There is an established collaboration with billing systems and analysis systems such as EDP Future, Debatt and Momentum.

We also collaborate with various hardware suppliers and integrators.

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AmbiSolution is produced by Ambiductor AB and delivered through certified partners such as Instrumentteam AS and Dahl Sverige AB.